Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Launch of Jigsaw Puzzles Factory

Hello, we launched a new Android apps on the Google play store.

You can find the application at this address :
You can also watch a demo on youtube:

With the Jigsaw Puzzles Factory, you can create your own Jigsaw Puzzles, from your snapshots, or from pictures downloaded on Internet.
You can create jigsaw puzzles of your children's preferred heroes, like Dora , Spongebob or Bob the Builder, you  just need to download pictures on the Internet and choose open with Jigsaw Puzzle Factory.
You can also create your jigsaw puzzle from your family snapshots, you  just have to go into your gallery, select a picture and choose send to Jigsaw Puzzles Factory.

The free mode includes 9 jigsaw puzzles with African animals and the possibility for you to create 4 personal jigsaw puzzles.
The premium version accessible from the application unlocks 2 new categories and offers  the possibility to create an unlimited number of personal jigsaw puzzles, this version also removes  the advertising banner.

4 level of difficulty, from 2 years old:

3 types of jigsaw puzzle:
-with grid and picture in background
-with grid
-free mode

Jigsaw Puzzles Factory is available for all ages, but a dedicated version of this application with specific jigsaw puzzles for children and a new category for baby is available below on our other applications.

In case of issue or question, you can email  us, and we will do our best to help you.

Have fun!

What happens if you  purchased the premium version of the application and it did not upgrade?
 Go back to the unlock page, and click again on the button:  go to Google Play, a message will inform you that you already purchased the item and will unlock the premium mode.

Do you need to pay to install the premium mode on multiple devices?
No, you  just have to pay only one time to unlock the premium mode, on the next device, you  just have to go to the unlock page, click  on the button: go to Google Play, a message will inform you that you  already purchased the item and will unlock the premium mode.

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